Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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To become an important community-based organization in Italy that can provide empowerment training to community leaders, especially to women who will serve as role models within their associations and peers, including activities that address economic and social issues of migration to ensure that migrants can integrate in Italy or to reintegrate with their families and communities in the Philippines.


Activities Training and Seminars for Empowerment

A number of leadership, basic women’s orientation courses, entrepreneurship, financial literacy training projects as empowerment tools have been conducted in Rome and in various key cities for women and men migrants working and living in Italy. In partnership with Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (CISP) and ATIKHA, FWC is implementing a series of capacity building activities within Italy in a project “Maximizing the Gains and Minimizing the Social Cost of Philippine Overseas Migration” supported by the EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative.

Another project under implementation is “Mobilizing Remittances Towards Agri-based Cooperatives in the Philippines” that also include capacity building activities for leadership and economic empowerment impacting development in communities of origin. This project is in partnership with ATIKHA and Soro-Soro Ibaba Development Cooperative, Inc. (SIDC), and is funded under the programme Financing Facilities on/for (?) Remittances of the International Fund for Agricultural Development.