Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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immagine 8Objective

To become a women's organization that provides information, education, counselling and referral services to Filipina women who are experiencing psychological, physical and social problems.


Activities: Information dissemination, initial counselling and referrals to professional institutions.

The founding premise of FWC emerged from the many demands received by its members for support from women who were facing difficulty with their employers and with their own families. As such, informal ways of counselling and searching for solutions to help these women have to date become the day-to- day tasks of many of its members.

FWC, in partnership with UN-Institute for Training and Research for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development within the project Gender, Remittances and Development has produced a Guide for Filipinos in Italy that contains information about immigration laws, sending channels and cost for remittances and list if institutions that promotes well-being by providing free assistance to migrants.

As a result of these many years of experience of FWC members, it will aim to strengthen its knowledge and skills and continue to provide information, education, and counselling and referral services. This will be for those who come voluntarily seeking help, particularly women who are victims of domestic violence, who are facing abuses and unjust practices by their employers and those having difficulty with understanding where to go for legal and social information available in Rome.