Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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To become a ‘knowledge’ organization that can be used as a resource by other migrant groups and national and global organizations on how to address Filipino migrant’s needs and improve their conditions.

Activities: Community Research.

In 2004, FWC began conducting a community action research project, which was undertaken by the women community migrant leaders. The study was made in partnership with the International Organization of Migration (IOM) and other local NGOs and diaspora organizations under the European Commission’s EQUAL funded project, “The Migrant’s Image in Italy through Media, Civil Society and the Labour Market”. This project provided a very important process for reflection on the FWC and the communities that it serves. It resulted in the publication of “Me, Us and Them: Realities and Illusions of Filipina Domestic Workers”.

The second very important research project concluded was in partnership with UN-INSTRAW and UN-IFAD on “Gender, remittances and development: the case of Filipino migrants in Italy”. Other studies conducted in partnership with other institutions focused on gender and networking among women’s organizations in Europe.

As a result, FWC has helped design project proposals that now implements follow up activities from the recommendations of these studies. A series of activities are implemented also in partnership with partner NGOs and with the support of the Philippine Embassy/Consulates and attached agencies in Italy.