FWC Graces Famiglie Ombre Book Launch in Florence, Italy

FWC was in full force at the book launch of Famiglie Ombre, the Italian version of Mia Alvar’s book “In The Country” last March 23, 2019 at a feminist library in Firenze/Florence, Italy.

Charito Basa, FWC Founder and current Vice-President discussed the current situation of the Filipino domestic workers, women in particular in Italy based on the research works and activities initiated by the organization. Basa presented the challenges confronted by the Filipino women workers, “their are continuos problems to solve: economic pressures from families left behind, and economic crisis in Italy that resulting into poverty often leading them into indebtedness,” she highlighted.

It was a very lively evening of discussions and exchanges of information with friends from Washington and The Philippines who also contributed to the historical and current political situation in the country.

The event was organized by the Associazione Fiesolana 2B.

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