Filipino Women’s Council (FWC) is an organization founded in Rome, Italy on May 1991. It brings together the Filipino women and men migrants, some Italian and international friends and supporters who believe in its vision and mission, and helps in the promotion of the objectives of the organization.

FWC’s aim is to develop Filipinos as empowered migrant workers in Italy, who understand their rights as women and men, as people of colour, as workers and migrants, and will pursue the realization of these rights.

It works on gender issues, the promotion of the social integration of Filipino domestic workers through various forms of empowerment and training, information campaigns, socio-economic activities, counseling and intercultural mediation between the Filipino community and Italian institutions. It also carries out research works, advocacy and networking activities to help increase the participation and visibility of Filipino migrants in Italy and Europe.

FWC works in partnership with Italian and Philippine NGOs; collaborates with international institutions including European Union and United Nations agencies, the Philippine Embassy and its attached agencies such the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) in Rome on activities regarding gender, migration and development, on Filipino migration to Italy in particular.